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Trust for Youth and Child Leaders (TYCL)

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Child Leader Project (CLP) got registered in India as TYCL - "Trust for Youth and Child Leaders"

CLP is an international non-government organisation facilitates young adults and young adult allies. In coordination with local and international organisations, CLP connects youth and young adults to their international peers through creative collaboration, leadership, conflict resolution and community organising.

“If you have come to help me you are wasting your time. But, if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.” - Aboriginal activists group, Queensland, 1970’s

Our goal is to develop a creative and engaging space for youth to motivate their leadership abilities, address local community issues, and change the direction of their lives and communities in collaboration with their local and global peers.

Two Day Summer camp “Pratibhe”

A two day Summer Camp ‘PRATIBHE’ was organised by Trust for Youth and Child Leaders – Bangalore (TYCL-B) in collaboration with SICHREM (South India Cell for Human Rights Education and Monitoring) and SCMI (Student Christian Movement of India) on 14th and 15th May. Pratibhe had thirty seven children participants from Kadher Sharief Garden Slum in Bangalore, which included both girls and boys. Eight mentors too participated in the camp held at SCMI house on Mission Road.

A ‘byte’ from Background

Pratibhe, a first of its kind initiative taken by TYCL in Bangalore, was organised when the schools were closed for summer holidays. The motive behind Pratibhe was to provide an atmosphere for children to think while learning more about social concern, beyond school curriculum. The target age group of children in Pratibhe was 10 to 14 years. A week before the camp TYCL mentors went to each house in KS Garden Slum to identify the age group of children who could be part of the event. The response, to invitation for Pratibhe, from parents and children was exemplary on location. So TYCL mentors have to increase the number of participants from twenty children to thirty seven children. Here it became mandatory for me to convey regards to Manohar Rangnathan Sir (SICHREM) for his mentorship role.


The camp started at 10:30am with John Paul giving introduction to the children for Pratibhe. He set certain Do’s and Don’ts to be followed by children, to ensure their safety. Then Shiva Stone took the proceedings and divided children into team of two. Now each child has to introduce his partner’s education, likes, family and leaders. After introduction, all children were divided into two teams, A and B, for another activity ‘clapping competition’. The activity provides opportunity to learn coordination and trust among children while performing as a group. Finally after seven rounds and a thrilling tie breaker Team B won due to better coordination.

After a short break children were asked to draw pictures of leaders (their understanding of leader). The activity was done to make children realise certain aspects of leadership. As how do they visualise a leader, who is leader, the importance of a becoming a leader and how to become one…!! Various answers were cheered, as names/drawings of actors and independence struggle personalities came up as an answer for leader.

After intellectual session from Shiva, Murali Reddy took over next session for children, after drinks break, Game Time. Toughest day in the office for all the mentors to make sure Game Time remains limited to Err…games. :o
After lunch Manohar came to participate in the camp and five groups were formed containing twenty six children were selected for the next day. Further Shiva and Manohar continued addressing to children qualities a leader should possess. Shiva shared his experiences from Pondicherry and Chennai. Manohar told children about power of unity and sharing, with relative common examples. Now leaders from different groups came voluntarily to provide suggestions for next day activities and promised ‘Galata Free’ upcoming sessions. In the end of the day one, mentors left all the children to their respective homes.

The second day of camp became more interactive and fun as Shiva started with a game ‘PING n PONG’. Next a group activity was conducted to involve all kids and mentors. Five groups were assigned a task, with mentor for each group, to identify the problems they are facing in the community they are living and what change they want to eliminate them. Children response for the session was really good, and came in form of drawings and writing issues in points what they have encountered. After Rasana break, children gave presentations representing their group. The problems covered scarcity of water, power cut, street light not working, lack of sewage facilities and public toilets, noise pollution, lack of interest from BBMP in cleaning vicinity, alcoholics, smokers, child labor, robbery, fee issues, street dogs, improper houses, child marriage etc.

Solutions too were suggested by children as making a complaint to Area Councilor or to MLA, contacting police in case of robbery or violence, to save water close the tap or fix leaking, conduct a peaceful protest for basic rights from water to clean environment etc.

After lunch, Children gathered in one big circle, where an opportunity was given to them to draw on the White Board, with the help of given circle as the base diagram. And with those diagrams mentors build up a story. Soon the white board was filled with cartoons, sun, cowboy, car, ball, sun-flower, faces and then I lost the count.
At the end for the day two and completion of camp, Children were made to close their eyes. And to reflect on themselves, that what they have learned about issues from activities in last two days. Couple of children volunteered to share their experience. Jeeva said “with these solutions, will maintain our area”. Aishwarya said (blushing) “I enjoyed the games, events and food”. Mentors mentioned and requested to all the children in camp to participate in all future activities of TYCL conducted every 2nd and 4th Sunday at KS Garden Slum in YMCA School.

(The event report is also there on : ... e-pratibe/

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