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Legal and Social Research on legislative bills and policies

Legal and Social Research

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We are looking for at least 5 volunteers who understand the project and could work with us on the plans. This forum will have all the discussions regarding this project. Please read on....

Ever since its inception, Rakshak foundation has been constantly engaging in reviewing bills under consideration in the Parliament on various issues affecting the policy level initiatives in the social sector and submitting well researched opinions and recommendations on the same for the consideration of the decision makers.

We would like to continue the practice and keep bringing to the attention of the policy makers of the country, various issues and perspectives affecting the lives of the masses. We further strive to initiate policy changes by publishing our research and organising policy debates and discussions on important issues.

We invite interested volunteers to join our research team and experience being part of the team drafting well researched and robust recommendations on crucial public policy issues having the potential to shape a bright future for the country.
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