Promoting positive aspects of our culture and society

Role of media in promoting positive aspects of our culture and society

Promoting positive aspects of our culture and society

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We are looking for at least 7 volunteers who understand the project and could work with us on the plans. This forum will have all the discussions regarding this project. Please read on....

India has made tremendous strides in the last 2-3 decades in the fields of communications which include radio, television, mobile telephony and internet access. We now have our own communications satellites, a vast network of mobile services and hundreds of TV channels which reach at least 90% of our population. Perhaps, as a result of the almost explosive and seemingly uncontrolled growth in the number of TV channels over a relatively short period of time of 10-15 years, the sole motive has remained maximization of profits and earnings from advertisement revenue. In a cut-throat race for increasing the TRP which are linked to earnings from ads, the stress has been on serving to the viewers the sensational and often what is base and vulgar. A vast number of TV serials base their stories and themes on deviant or abhorrent behavior in the society or purport to depict the fanticised life-styles of a minuscule super-rich section of the society. The cinema industry is indulging in the same behavior for producing a majority of their films.

India has a rich culture. Many religions and faiths have prospered together in harmony. There have been conflicts too but good sense has always prevailed. TV can be an instrument to promote the harmony in the society by emphasizing and educating the masses with what is good and positive in each faith and what good work is being done by the followers of each faith. Numerous individuals and organizations are doing exemplary work by way of philanthropy, by educating the underprivileged, by helping the poor, sick or the destitute which must be highlighted to encourage others to devote some of their energies for the good of the society. The heroic deeds by individuals in everyday life need to be similarly broadcast to the public. There are many public servants who are doing good honest work and are putting ‘good governance’ in to practice. These individuals must be invited on TV to speak about their approach to work which will encourage their co-workers to follow similar practices and it will foster a bond between the public and the public servant.

TV is a powerful medium whose power and capability to positively impact the thinking and behavior of the masses has remained untapped and largely forgotten. TV is a visual medium which can benefit even the illiterate. We at Rakshak wish to help evolve suitable controls and policies through discussions, public debate on various fora, researching best practices elsewhere and tailoring them to the local and national needs and getting the TV channel functionaries involved in all such discussions. As a condition for permitting the use of radio-waves for transmission, the TV channels can be required to devote a certain proportion of their total telecast for programs which provide the citizens with facts, information, knowledge of local issues, opinions of thinkers, experts and respected members of the society. Citizens need to be informed and educated about their rights, they need to be informed the phone numbers of various services, procedures to get a problem addressed with clear accountability of public servants, to be informed of clear steps and procedure to submit an RTI application or a complaint in a Consumer Forum and so on. TV needs to be utilized on a much larger scale for spread of education amongst the underprivileged children and youth and for adult literacy through regional language programs. Various Departments and Ministries have large funds budgeted for public information which can be put to good use for promoting the aforesaid activities/programs on TV.
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