Endosulfan – A slow poison!

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Endosulfan – A slow poison!

Postby vaseem_97 » Sat Jun 11, 2011 6:15 am

Endosulfan – A slow poison!

Endosulfan is highly toxic insecticides which have potential for bioaccumulation. And the worst we have witnessed in southern India is that it is also an endocrine disruptor. Till date in Kerala’s Kasargod district alone there are more than 9000 victims of Endosulfan have been identified. The deadly chemical have taken more than thousands life’s. It causes severe health impacts as deformities of limbs, loss of motor nervous control, brain damage, miscarriage, low IQ, vision problems, cancer etc. In Kasargod itself the Endosulfan still persists even when it has been a decade of withdrawal.
1. Endosulfan still persists in Kasargod (Deccan Chronicle April 29, 2011)
http://www.deccanchronicle.com/channels ... sargod-089
At present time the same impact also have been noticed in Kerala’s other districts as Idukki, Palakkad, Kannur and in Karnataka’s Udupi, Kodagu, Bhatkal and Dakshin Kannada. Already more than 80 nations around the globe have banned it, but not in India! The real life sarcasm came into picture when Australian government banned it in their nation citing examples from Indian victims from Kasargod. Still India right now is the world’s largest user and producer of Endosulfan insecticide. The three major companies producing this in India are Hindustan Insecticides, Coromandal Fertilisers and Excel Crop Care.

Government stand

Even after one of the major victims of this insecticide, the representatives of government of India argued the ban of Endosulfan at recent UN Conference in Geneva. However under International pressure they shifted their stand to accept global ban, but choose a window to death as they took exceptions for 22 agricultural crops. And these include what a common man have on his plate as Paddy, Maize, Coffee, Tea, Cashew, Mango etc.
The government answers for their stand as there is no other alternative for the Endosulfan.
2. Endosulfan: Meet in Geneva begins, India still in denial (South Asia Monitor 30April, 2011)
http://www.southasiamonitor.org/index.p ... Itemid=111

Activist stand -
However, the ground reality differs as more number of farmers instead of using chemicals are going for organic farming to save their soil. Endosulfan not only destroys the fertility of soil but also destroy friendly insects which are reason to increase fertility of soil. The long term use of Endosulfan will create pest into super pest which will only increase the problem. More than 150 studies published in medical journals with 16 only in Kasargod have cited Endosulfan as critical health hazard. Activist around the nation are demanding an immediate permanent ban over Endosulfan without any further delay.

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