Tobacco Control Database harmonization and Visualization

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Tobacco Control Database harmonization and Visualization

Postby utkarsh_gupta » Mon May 23, 2011 8:03 am

The Comprehensive information system for Tobacco control unit at WHO’s Tobacco Free Initiative hosts various large databases from all areas of Tobacco control. Some of the databases come from the Global Tobacco Control Report which has Policy data, another one is an ongoing Tobacco use prevalence database comprising of various indicators by country over time. There are in the making databases on tobacco outcomes related to Deaths attributable to tobacco by cause, person and age etc., impact of tobacco on maternal child health database. There are also databases on taxation, consumption, legislations, healthwarnings etc. These databases are working in isolation, the project intends to bring these databases into a single harmonized structure that works as a backend to visualization tools such as StatPlanet or the likes for real time data profiling and visualization.
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