Fatalities in Road Accidents : A preventable tragedy

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Fatalities in Road Accidents : A preventable tragedy

Postby Samya Mishra » Mon May 21, 2012 3:20 pm

The fatalities occurring due to road accidents can be analysed through statistical data and classified on the basis of the victim profile, location of the accident hot-spots, types of vehicles most susceptible to the mishaps,etc. according to spatial, temporal and other distribution of accident data.
Similarly, based on the above, we can have remedial measures and suggest feasible solutions pertaining to prevention of such tragedies in either of the following domains:
1> Infrastructure : Developing better road and highway infrastructure, constructing by-lanes, flyovers,etc. within cities, as well as lay-by areas on highways.
2> Better Policing: Enforcing an effective traffic police system with more efficient manpower and better management.
3> Technology support : installing camera speed detectors, etc at the hot-spots.
4> Policies for people: Banning Drunken driving, suspending licence of defaulters, checking the rash and reckless drivers among the youth,encouraging pedestrian movement and alternate mode of transport for shorter distances, etc.

In an overview, i can foresee the above broad areas for tangible outcomes or suggestions for this research. In case anyone wants to give any further suggestions or inputs from personal experiences of driving on roads :) , please feel free to comment here, as this shall help me understand the viewpoint of the drivers better :) !
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