Models to encourage youth for mandatory voting

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Models to encourage youth for mandatory voting

Postby parulpurwar » Tue May 22, 2012 4:27 am

The objective of the project is to Sensitize the youth of the country to participate in elections and strengthen the

Many people ask themselves whether their vote counts, they feel that if they do not make a difference and their vote does not contribute then is it worth all the fuss and bother to actually go out there and vote? the aim of this project is to figure out how to make each citizen realize the value oh his/her vote and also to make the entire voting procedure a little less cumbersome for them.
the solution for this can be to:
1> To make most of the procedure online.
2> To make those elected more accountable towards the people.
3> to spread awareness to dispel some preconceived notions regarding elections.

In case anyone wants to give any further suggestions or inputs from personal experiences of voting or why they do not vote , please feel free to comment here, as this shall help me understand the viewpoint of those voting better !

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