Improving Quality of Life - Infrastructure and necessities

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Improving Quality of Life - Infrastructure and necessities

Postby admin » Mon Apr 04, 2011 9:26 pm

We are looking for around 10 volunteers who understand this project and could work with us on the plans. This forum will have the discussions regarding this project. Please read on....

With growing population in India and the resultant strain on the resources, natural as well as man-made, along with the stiff competition to acquire them, the quality of life for the common man deteriorates with every passing day.

Citizens experience a wide disparity in the quality of, and access to, infrastructure and services. While the urban elite and middle class enjoy 24 hour electricity and water supply through individual investment in generators, private wells, storage tanks etc. The urban poor are left to cope with frequent power cuts and intermittent or non-existent water supply. Overall, the lack of high quality infrastructure, security and services hinders cities’ ability to become engines of inclusive, sustainable growth.

The Economies of scale and success stories of community based development of resources and services are well known. Individual investments for catering to the personal needs for these resources and services is intrinsically inefficient and wasteful both monetarily and on the resources of nature. The origins of municipalities and other local governing bodies lies in these very fundamentals of pooling the resources of the community through contributions (via. local taxes) to create and maintain the essential services for all. But, with explosive unplanned growth in urban population, poor public oversight and rampant corruption there is a complete breakdown of this local governance. No solution for this state of affairs will succeed without involvement of local population into the process to renovate and rebuild the existing systems. The success lies in our ability to gather enough attention from the public on this and initiate a strong dialog at the local level. We are in a better position today to reach the masses by employing the technological innovations of social networking and the internet. This effort has to be first started and perfected at the major cities where people are better connected with modern communication mediums of mobile and internet. Once perfected it can be replicated across the country for other cities.

We should invite researchers to engage in projects and develop innovative solutions to most important challenges in the areas of space constraint in cities, public transport, safe drinking water, sanitation, public safety and security, energy efficiency, waste processing, pollution and institutional reforms. We must involve the local population, they being the most important stakeholders, in all discussions on the proposed solutions and the implementation strategies.
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