Improvements in catering facilities in Indian Railways

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Improvements in catering facilities in Indian Railways

Postby pranay » Tue May 22, 2012 5:08 am


Indian Railways is like blood running in the veins of India. Healthy and proper maintenance of the same
is a necessity for healthy life of Indian citizens. However the current plight of trains is not giving us a
healthy picture. Inadequate availability of water, proper sewage system, and drainage leads to
unhealthy environment in the trains. Passengers must be responsible enough too, to maintain
sanitation in the train.Catering facilities being provided in the trains should supply hygienic food and
maintain a proper waste disposal system, as it can badly hamper the health of the passengers and other
railway officials travelling in the train. Railway Ministry should have certain benchmarks or plan of
actions detailing norms for achieving the healthy environment in trains.

The reforms in facilities can be categorized in the following domains
1. Infrastructure development
2. Setting up a quality standards for food and hygiene
3. Proper waste management
4. Proper management of complaints

Any suggestions on the domains mentioned above will be appreciated.
Thank you!
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