Developing a cost-effective solution to walking aid for VI.

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Developing a cost-effective solution to walking aid for VI.

Postby rohal sahu » Tue May 22, 2012 5:46 pm

My project is to develop a cost effective solution to walking aid for visually impaired.

Till date blind people struggle a lot to walk through unfamiliar areas .The objective of this study is to improve the quality of life for the visually impaired by aiding them in one of the most essential activity of our lives - walking.

Existing aids such as the white cane and guide dog are of great help, particularly in avoiding obstacles along one's way. However, they do not solve other key problems faced by visually impaired people especially for indoor navigation aids, route planning. Thus, there is an opportunity to develop new technological walking aids for visually impaired people. There are a few prototypes available but then there are issues associated with the 1) cost and 2) location where the solution is to be implemented. A Blind himself told me that you may come up with a viable solution to walking aid for blinds those who use the streets of London but consider the case of a typical Indian lane and then think how you can help us.
Visually impaired are very confident people, probably more than us about their abilities. We keep focusing on things what they can’t but working on the things what they can, I think we can aid them better. I hereby invite suggestions and views from your perspective.

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