Expedite police investigations, court trials using IT

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Expedite police investigations, court trials using IT

Postby karunesh » Mon May 21, 2012 6:19 pm

Hello everyone,
I am working on the topic "Expedite the police investigations, court procedures and trials using the advantages of information technology".
The judicial system of our country is dependent upon court procedures and police investigations. Due to delayed trials most of the cases lie unattended in the courts and there is no judgement given for them. This hampers the image of the judicial system of our country in the eyes of public and hence the faith is lost. However the inculcation of information technology can surely expedite the process. Several facilities are already in pipeline for example computerization of police stations and connecting them and their supervisory offices across the country for sharing of crime and criminal information. This is a long term project and is under the implementation stage. But as every other project in India, this project is also slow in implementation.
I would welcome suggestion from the people on any short term solution possible in this situation.
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