Improving Accountability, Efficiency and Transparency

Improving and implementing feedback driven improvements in public offices and departments

Improving Accountability, Efficiency and Transparency

Postby admin » Mon Apr 04, 2011 9:29 pm

We are looking for at least 7 volunteers who understand the project and could work with us on the plans. This forum will have all the discussions regarding this project. Please read on....

The recent expose of scams and unethical collusions has raised serious questions on the quality of governance in the largest democracy of the world. If it is the Government of, by and for the people, how are the very people being cheated or deceived.

We at Rakshak aim for improved efficiency, promote professionalism and help in setting high standards of transparency and accountability in public life. Apart from a lot of public offices and their officials who serve the public poorly, there are many who do their duties honestly and efficiently. While it is important to publicly expose and criticize those not discharging their duties, it is equally important to encourage the ones who are doing it right. We at Rakshak seek to build a system that provides a collective voice to the common man.

A system where a common man can record his suggestion for improvement, a complaint of a government official or a government department or a note of appreciation or encouragement for a job well done. In order to achieve it Rakshak is trying to build a system which is well architectured and integrated with popular modes of communication such as internet, mobile telephony. Rakshak is actively engaging with those in the public administration and the ministry who support the cause and are willing to partner with us. We invite volunteers to join our team to define and build a system that is extremely user friendly, well integrated and massively scalable to handle millions of records and be simultaneously accessed by millions.

We also seek researchers to review the practices and existing infrastructure in public offices and propose practical measures to achieve the goals of transparency, efficiency and freedom from corruption.
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Re: Improving Accountability, Efficiency and Transparency

Postby Siddharth Desai » Sun Jun 05, 2011 9:04 am

Really found this interesting and wasn't able to figure out a topic to post this, so did it over here. :mrgreen: ... 3433ea4055
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