Citizen Participation and Nation Building Course Material

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Citizen Participation and Nation Building Course Material

Postby hutokshi » Sun May 22, 2011 8:54 pm

Project Description

Rakshak Foundation is of the opinion that the contents of the education system in India deprives the youth the opportunity to learn and feel the real problems and challenges being faced by the society and the Country. It seems as if the emphasis of the current education system is on trying at best to make a wage earner out of a young person. This young person gets no opportunity to learn about the real problems facing the country and the society and is sure to feel bewildered when he/she is suddenly asked to make sense of the real world problems and face them. He finds himself ill equipped to contribute to their eradication like a conscientious good citizen should.

Once the necessary reference material is collected and made available to the would be teachers and students, this course can be offered to all college students as no such course presently exists in our country.
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Re: Citizen Participation and Nation Building Course Materia

Postby bharat » Thu Jun 02, 2011 12:53 am

the course content available in our schools can just make the person good in subjects but does not require the person to use the skills to analyze, understand and appreciate the challenges faced by the state.

Students do not know what India used to be and what it has become (positive and negative sense) both.

The most sought after cream of the nation, IIM, IAS, NIT, IIT students do not even bother to know or create awareness when the mindless rules and laws are thrust upon them (passed by those law makers who do not deserve to be in public service).

When would we learn to rise above our own selves and do something which the motherland requires?
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