Nationalism, Social Responsibility and Civil Society

Develop educational strategies and curriculum to promote nationalism, social responsibility and civil society

Nationalism, Social Responsibility and Civil Society

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We are looking for at least 10 volunteers who understand the project and could work with us on the plans. This forum will have all the discussions regarding this project. Please read on....

Education is the process by which society deliberately transmits its accumulated knowledge, skills and values from one generation to another. The role of education in facilitating social and economic progress is well recognized. It opens up opportunities leading to both individual and group entitlements. Education, in its broadest sense of development of youth, is the most crucial input for empowering people with skills and knowledge and giving them access to productive employment in future.

Education should also prepare the children to be the rightful future citizens aware of their social responsibilities and equipped with the skills to effectively participate in furthering the common social good. Imbibing the young minds with proper ethical values, imparting skills of team work and leadership and learning to do creative things individually and in groups have to be an essential part of a holistic education. Building social skills at an early stage of education is essential so that our youth entering the colleges can handle the sometimes difficult dialogs involving the religion and the socio-economic structure. Education should also enable them as individuals later in life to rise above their differences of caste, religion or economic status and help them arrive at consensus on issues important for the growth of the nation. A comprehensive education curriculum needs to familiarize the students at the appropriate stage with the political process and the practical insight into the structure of government and its functioning. This will enable them for greater and effective participation in the political process by taking leadership role in the society. Improvements in education are not only expected to enhance efficiency but also augment the overall quality of life. The objective of national education should be to develop an army of proud and independent Indians striving for innovation, creativity and excellence in all walks of life. The education must fill the youth with a spirit of supreme confidence in themselves and in their nation with an awareness that he/she has something to offer to the country and to the world.. We invite volunteers to join out team researching on the education curriculum at the primary schooling all the way to the high schools and identify the gaps that exist at various stages. Development of such a comprehensive curriculum either from bottoms up or by way of augmenting the existing one has to be done in stages. This multi-stage approach is required so as to build consesus on need for a change in the current curriculum as well as to demonstrate the tremendous benefits of introducing it at the school level.

To start with,we have tasked our volunteers to evolve a complementary curriculum such that it can be introduced to students in a workshop setting allowing the students to benefit from its diverse content. We are also developing ways to measure the benefits of such workshops to the students in instituting the kinds of skills that the proposed revolutionary curriculum aims to bring about.
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