How to Inculcate Innovation in Young Minds through Education

Develop educational strategies and curriculum to promote nationalism, social responsibility and civil society

How to Inculcate Innovation in Young Minds through Education

Postby arpanj » Sun May 27, 2012 9:01 am

The Basic vision for this project is to give exposure to the school students an Acquaintance with the real world and how to make School curriculum more Interactive and Intermingling the innovation with the awareness and responsibility.
The points that I am Inclined towards are-
A. Inclusion of various measures like Students organized Clubs- Robotics, Electronics, Dance etc and fests.
B. To Erode the Result Oriented approach of the students and bend it more towards Performance oriented.
C. Also, Now a days, Bollywood have become much of a Source of Entertainment than learning (which it could very easily be) also if it could make more of movies/ Documentaries which provokes Nationalism, Awareness and Sense of responsibility and pride, We can do better I guess.

I feel that to build a stronger nation, we need to target the upcoming generation, Educate it, Develop a sense of Nationality in it and the Schools are best options through which we can do it.
The points over which I'd like to Discuss more on are-
a. how to go over Improvising the school curriculum .
b. Other factors affecting mindset of a student (Parenting, Regional, Socio-Economic.).
c. From Where to get funding for Schools.
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